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Hollywood Hair Bar

Hollywood Hair Bar Herbal Hair Conditioning Tea

Hollywood Hair Bar Herbal Hair Conditioning Tea

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Hollywood Hair Bar - Hair Tea Conditioner

Our Tasty Hair Tea is the Best Hair Tea in the world! We have included the 10 Top Herbs for Hair in our amazing Tea Blend. You can drink this tea and you can also use directly on your hair as a hair tea conditioning rinse.

You should treat your hair like a cashmere sweater. You’re not going to beat it up. You’re not going to overheat it with a blow dryer, you’re not going to scorch it with an iron. You’re not going to use caustic chemicals on it. You should be remembering it is a fiber. Have Great looking Hair with our Herbal Tea Blend.

Consume 1 Cup Per Day Or Apply Directly To Your Hair

Deep Conditioning Application:

Let tea cool down to room temperature after brewing. Pour tea into a plastic squeeze bottle with Yorker cap or a spray bottle and topically apply tea to hair. Leave conditioning tea rinse on hair for 3-5 minutes for regular conditioning and 30 minutes for deep conditioning. Rinse Hair and Style.

Brewing Instructions: Pour boiling hot water over tea bag and steep for 5 minutes. Add honey, lemon and enjoy!

Recommendation: Keep Refrigerated For Freshness.

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