Harmon is a widely recognized brand and is especially well known for its physical stores which were primarily found in New York, New Jersey, & Connecticut. The brand was and is known for providing the best beauty brands and personal care brands at everyday value.

Until January 2023, the brand was a subsidiary of Bed Bath and Beyond until they went bankrupt. Customers were attracted to Harmon for everyday product needs at the best everyday prices, a great physical retail environment, terrific product assortment and some of the best employees around.

Additionally, customers loved our travel and trial size collection and assortment which was one of a kind. We are excited you have joined us online and look forward to welcoming you back to our physical stores shortly.

As a company, we had a lot of names, and moving forward, we will be calling ourselves Harmon Discount and reserving Harmon Face Values for our private label products to be sold within stores.