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Fig.1 Retinol Night Cream No. 1, Anti-Aging, Beginner Non-Irritating Retinol Moisturizer, 24-Hour Hydration, 0.15% Retinol, 50ml

Fig.1 Retinol Night Cream No. 1, Anti-Aging, Beginner Non-Irritating Retinol Moisturizer, 24-Hour Hydration, 0.15% Retinol, 50ml

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DERM-DEVELOPED AND CLINICALLY PROVEN: Meet the award-winning Fig.1 Retinol Level-Up System. Derm-developed and clinically proven to hydrate skin for 24 hours, its powerful ingredients work to soften lines and wrinkles, refine pores, and boost radiance in as little as four weeks. As you level up to more potent doses of Retinol, your skin acclimates thanks to our time-release technology that minimizes sensitivity and maximizes results.  
 Fig.1's Retinol Night Cream No. 1. is a non-irritating, hydrating retinol night cream to support collagen production and cell turnover. Improve the look of fine lines & wrinkles, brighten uneven skin tone and unclog pores. Featuring encapsulation (time-release) technology to minimize sensitivity.

 Retinol is a derm favorite for a reason – it’s well studied and known to be safe and effective for supporting collagen production, blurring the appearance of fine lines, evening skin tone, and clearing out clogged pores to curb breakouts. Our challenge was to create a retinol product that would allow people to take full advantage of all the benefits of retinol, while avoiding the downsides such as dryness or irritation. Our Retinol Level Up System allows each person to customize their own Retinol journey and gradually increase their dose of retinol as the skin adjusts, in order to maximize benefits while avoiding side effects. Level 1 is perfect for those who have never used Retinol before. If you use Fig.1's Retinol Night Cream No. 1 for 6-8 weeks with no signs of skin irritation, you can “graduate” to Level 2! 
AWARD-WINNING: 2021 WINNER Esquire Grooming Awards - BEST RETINOL

Formulated with a non-irritating concentration of encapsulated retinol for slow overnight release into the skin. All; Normal; Dry; Oily; Sensitive; Acne Prone
Vegan, Cruelty Free, Gluten Free, Fragrance Free, Clinically Proven, Refillable Packaging, Made in the USA
Our air-and-light-tight packaging system is refillable while protecting the potency of the active ingredients. When you've finished your product, keep the pump, cap and glass bottle, and twist on a new refill cartridge. Our refills are always $5 less than your starter product. We partner with Bluebird Climate and to validate all of our marketing claims, including our planet-friendly packaging practices. 

Fig.1, where derm-developed refillable skincare meets affordability. Our mission is to make access to high-quality, clinically-proven skincare attainable for all.
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